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Tripping on Geography and Standing Firm on Math

Arleth tells a story about missing a step and falling down the stairs at school and confesses that she isn’t that great at Geography class. Maybe there is a correlation?

Math, on the other hand, is her terra firma. Along with the majority of elementary school kids, when asked what she likes about school, Arleth would say, “Recess,” but unlike the majority, she adds to that answer, “All Math classes.”

She is a serious student who gives thanks to God for her understanding.

Expect to one day say “Dr. Arleth Sánchez.” But, she doesn’t plan on being “your” physician, but the care provider for your furry friend. Her dog, “Princess,” may have something to do with her desire to one day become a veterinarian. Whatever the case, the kid has a great deal of promise.

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