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The Girl Who Welds

Six hours and twenty minutes is the duration of a day in school for Joselyn. The course of her day sounds a lot like many of our own high schoolers: Physics, English, and Math with the exception of the following: Hydraulic Repair, Automation, and Welding.

In the maintenance workshop, Joselyn gets to put stuff together. It is the highlight of her day. Traditional subjects combined with training in the trades makes for a unique education which has lit a spark in Joselyn’s mind about one day becoming an engineer.

She is grateful for the opportunity to study, but also for her school peers who recently surprised her on her birthday with their rendition of Las Mañanitas, a popular “birthday morning” song in Mexico.

Joselyn loves her family, her dog, and gives God thanks for giving her such a good life.

Thanks to sponsors like you, girls like Joselyn can weld and discover possible career pathways which they may have never before considered.