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Just Showing Up

As my wife and I stood on the boardwalk holding a beach towel and cup of water in our hands, our 20-year old daughter stepped off the sand. She had just successfully completed her swim tryout to become a seasonal lifeguard. She remarked how funny it was that we were there to support her, our almost 21-year old. I later remarked to my wife, “Yep, as long as she’s competing, graduating, moving, celebrating, or struggling, we will show up.”

Just showing up in the lives of our kids is priceless. While one can’t put a value on the presence of a parent in the arenas and auditoriums in which their children perform, an empty seat in the stands speaks volumes. Of course, we get it, as parents we can’t attend every event in which our kids are involved, especially swim meets and baseball tournaments! There just isn’t enough time in the day. But, I think most of us realize, from our own experience as kids, that having our folks just show up to something important to us means a whole lot.

Did you know that the same is true for your sponsored kids? Sure, they aren’t your own flesh and blood, but they really appreciate you and want to know you. That is why the Do For One Foundation isn’t simply about a remote educational sponsorship of a student in Mexico, but about encouraging a relationship with the student and his/her family by providing opportunities to just show up. Over the years, we have seen some of the relationships between sponsors and their students blossom and grow in ways that have been a great encouragement to everyone.

So, knowing the importance of just showing up, if you’d like to connect with your sponsored student, we have four upcoming opportunities:

Mariners Church trips: June 8, September 28, and November 2
Fiesta and Graduation Celebration on August 17

We will send out more details on the fiesta and graduation celebration on August 17 this summer, but do mark your calendars.

For more information on the Mariners Church trips, contact Jeriann Severson at

As always, should you know others desiring to sponsor a student in Mexico, we have students waiting in the wings. Click: to sponsor a student.