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Is There an Expiration Date on a Dream?

Fabiola on the left with her three children

Fabiola’s dream of getting an education seemed past expiration. In her early 30s and a mother of three young children, she would now dream for her kids. Fabiola wanted to ensure they would achieve what she hadn’t.

Unfortunately, her son’s education was not going well. He was distracted and unfocused. His teachers were ill-equipped to effectively accommodate her son.

What could she do to help him? Maybe she could go back to school and study Psychology? But how?

A dream of education rekindled by a desire to understand her child, along with the generous help of your sponsorship dollars, provided Fabiola a chance to both fulfill her dream and help her son.

Four years later, Fabiola has a BA in Psychology, is studying with the Mexican Army to become a crisis counselor, and has helped her son make significant progress with his ADHD.

There was no expiration date on Fabiola’s education.

Thank you for making her dream a reality.