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Changing lives, one student at a time

Imagine being told by your middle school teacher that of you and your nine best friends, only four can hope to graduate from high school. Six of you can say goodbye to that dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer, or whatever you had hoped an education would afford.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicates that 38% of Mexican youth graduate from high school compared to the average of 81% of the 22 OECD countries surveyed.

Education in Mexico is not free. The costs associated with education: school supplies, books, supplemental fees, and mandatory school uniforms can make it prohibitive for most. In families for which survival demands full-time work for both parents and their adolescent children, education gets kicked to the curb.

What would your path to success have looked like if you had not been afforded with the education that stretched your imagination, kindled your dreams, and possible career paths because you had to drop out of high school to help your parents feed your family?

This is the situation, though, that too many Mexican children face.

The Do For One Foundation knows that access to education has opened doors for your success and that you hope you can open that door for others for whom it is closed. We match you with those who most need your help.

Sponsor a student, change a life.

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The Do For One Foundation is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps children in Mexico obtain the education they need and deserve. Send us a message or connect with us on social media.